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Schoolphix Online

Our Web-based school management application can be deployed and accessed anywhere regardless of geographical location.
Our Solution is specially tailored for educational institutions that cater for students from Pre-School to Senior Secondary School, it can also be customized for Tertiary Institutions with payment in advance. It covers everything from Record management, Computer Based Training and Testing, Exams and Assignments to accounting, internal messaging, etc. for all stakeholder of the Institute. Please view home page or click on the “features” or “screenshot” to see further details and testimonials.

Attendancephix (Biometric Time Attendance Integration)

We provide users, staff, students of institutions with Electronic ID Card along with the Attendance Machine which;
i. verifies who has clocked in or out of the school’s premises each day, this also triggers a notification to the admin informing them of the event.
ii. sends an SMS notification to inform parents of the whereabouts of their ward.
iii. automatically helps inform and remind parents who owe tuition daily when authorized.
iv. helps the Institution's Admins access and track attendance log of their personnel or ward from anywhere in the world through a dedicated online portal system.

Schoolphix Offline

Our Web-based school management application can be deployed offline to a local machine within the school and the school information can be synchronised online upon internet availability. Our Solution is specially tailored for educational institutions that cater for students from Kindergarten to Senior Secondary School and it covers everything from Record management, exams and assignments to accounting and internal messaging for all members of the school.

School Population Growth tools (DMP)

DMP which stands for Digital Marketing Plug Takes away the Pain of Recruiting Students from school owners. Schoolphix DMP Offers your school.

  • Market Analysis: We guide you through the steps of identifying your ideal customers and help you create relevant events, social/marketing content to help you attract them
  • Digital Marketing & Dedicated Call Centre; We help you manage sponsored ads across various online media channels eg Facebook, Instagram, YouTube. Furthermore, We also plug your school into our dedicated call Centre follow up on leads and respond to prospective customers who show interest in the services your school might be offering.
  • Sales Training; We train your staff on necessary sales tactics to ensure that prospective parents who come to visit your school are treated and communicated with the right language.


Coding & Robotic Course (Kids Code)

Our Coding & Robotic classes are where young people learn to program and develop websites, apps, and games, they build things with code and electronics, and much more. Members also meet like-minded people, show off what they’ve been working on and they can take part in national and international events, such as our Coolest Projects showcase.


Student Security Integration

We integrate CCTV Cameras to help improve your students security within the school premises,This integration is visible our school portal and can help you offer access to your parent at remote locations.

Become a Resell Partner Pricing