Our Web-based school management portal application.

₦2,700 per Student per Term/Semester

Initial Subcription fee when deploying this include; Electronic Biometric ID cards for the Users, Data Capture, and Training.

₦3,000 per Student

Cost of the machine terminal that reads the card.

₦90,000 per Device

Subsequent Subcription fee after initial deployment.

₦2,700 per Student

Our school management portal application can deployed offline with a given premises or vicinity.

₦Based on size of premises, number of users and cost of hardware needed at the time of deployment

Sending out bulk SMS notifications via the Schoolphix platform.

₦3.20 per Unit

Digital Marketing Plug helps School Owners with Recruiting Students via digital channels.

₦40,000 per Month for basic package structure

Integration of CCTV Cameras to help improve your students security.

₦Based on size of premises and cost of hardware needed at the time of deployment

Coding and Robotic classes are where young students and children learn to build and program software.

₦Based on the number of students, and the timeframe the program is to be offered